Come on in to

"Men Helping Men"

the Men's Shed of Langley, B.C., Canada

NOTE to Members:

Send us an email if you'd like to meet the guys.

No obligation. No cost. No pressure. Just a lot of positive vibes, good conversation and great laughs, backed by purpose, commitment and understanding. We gather, teach and share skills with each other.

If membership turns out to be for you, we will arrange a visit and tour of our Shed. Talk it over a coffee with us. Find out what we are all about. We are currently putting our woodworking shop together. Our laser cutter/engraver, 3-D printer and CNC will come soon.

Hey, we could use your help.

Just recently, MP Taylor Bachrach (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) gave a short speech in the House of Commons about Men Sheds in Canada. Here it is on YouTube, if you want to watch & listen to it:

Thank You!

Greetings Boys,

I'm back from vacation and am anxious to see what y'all have been doing. My little leg injury may slow me down a bit , but then I've never been that fast anyways. I'm aiming for our Thursday Men's Shed visit on the 23rd. Hope to see youz there. ~ray

Welcome to Men's Shed Langley

Discover a place where men can come together, share their skills, and form meaningful connections. Men's Shed Langley offers a supportive environment where you can avoid isolation and contribute to the betterment of our community. Join us in advocating respect, decency, and friendship.

Two Allouette Men's Shed members, Richard & Wayne, visiting our 'shed' location.....

and GG of Men's Shed Langley (middle).

Our Men's Shed Photos

One photo may replace a thousand words but nothing can replace the fun, embarrassment and pride we experience while taking them.

Happily receiving a $500.00 cheque from 'Langley Seniors in Action' members Paul Crump (right centre) and Ron Bergen (left centre), are President Ray Girard (right side) and Vice-president Alex Paylor (left side)..... of Men's Shed Langley.

Here we see Jan from Fraser Lake Men's Shed, and Ray from Men's Shed Langley, pointing out a couple of the trouble-makers they've noticed.

Our first actual meeting. Boy, we hadn't a clue what we were getting into. So far, we've figured it out as we go, and today we are not doing too bad.

Langley...has a Men's Shed.

( I'd mention who we are...but I forgot. )

Here we have Alex, assuming the requisite Hazmat pose. He did most of the work.

Our wonderful Shed had just one little rat dropping area that needed to be disinfected, cleared and scrubbed.

Drastic measures were needed.

Fearless workers were utilized.

Pandemonium reigned. Job done!

This is Bubonic Ray, doing his "I'm A Little Teapot" routine at a most inappropriate time. He mostly pointed at what had to be done.

Picking & sifting through a trailer-load of wood that was destined for the transfer station, our Men's Shed group sorted out needed firewood and good project wood. Thanks to the property owner for putting up with a mess for a few days.

Maurice (L) and Joe, trying to get their motor started..... no, literally. And Bruce (R) offering no help at all.

Ken Karleen, driving one of his favourite memories.

A project Bruce brought in to show us. I can't see anyone not wanting this for a small plant holder or a squirrel or bird feeder. Love it!

...and here's Bruce making coffee. I've never seen this brewing method before. Coffee tasted like Cedar, with a delightful hint of metal shavings.

The pond at our Shed was still and quiet, ...except for the Canada Geese, the three huge turtles and the complaining frogs.

On May 10th., 2024, Three Men's Shed Langley members dropped by Kindred Farms to see if they could help out with various needed repairs and constructs. Here we see (L-R) Maurice, Greg, Badger, Marilyn, Alex, George. Marilyn, George & Badger are from Kindred Farms. Considering the fine job Kindred Farms do of helping out distressed farm animals and distressed humans, we will gladly try to assist in repairs.


(in no particular order)

Ray Girard

Originally from Ontario, I am retired from 25 yrs. of radio broadcasting (DJ). Interests: Sailing, graphic arts, German Shepherds, tiny houses, physics, photography, high-end audio, furniture design, astronomy, bojutsu, karate, PhotoShop, quantum mechanics, coffee, beer tasting, humour, woodworking, writing, car concepts, travel, voiceover & many more.

David Richards

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."~Groucho Marx

Bruce Lee

Originally from Australia,
now retired from a career as Building Contractor and Finishing Carpenter.
Interests : Cedar strip canoe and kayaks, Lotus Super 7 cars, Custom furniture, Kayaking, Adventure travels, Long distance road trips, Organic gardening, Arts & crafts.

Dennis Davidson

Graham Gorling

Alex Paylor

Mike Jennings

Brad Tompkins

Ken Rafuse

David is from Earth originally, but we don't really know where he's been.

Interests: David likes changing his name, complaining about his shoulder, and making great suggestions in our Men's Shed matters.

Originally from Manchester, England, Alex spent many years in broadcasting as a 'DJ', and as a a newsman, on various stations in N.S., Ont. and N.B.

Interests: Puns, soccer (Manchester), British comedy, hot cars, Chihuahuas, writing, proper grammar, cooking and puns.....and puns.

Originally from Liverpool, he is the President of Men's Sheds for the province of B.C. Despite his vampire photo, he's a really, cool dude who hasn't bitten anyone (so far)...(that we know of).

Interests: Sailing his Nonsuch and helping any B.C. Men's Shed in any way.

Ken seems to live life on the edge. Having spent some time in a multiverse, he comes up with some unusual ideas.

Interests: swimming, podcasting, helping seniors avoid scams, humour, loves technology, and getting lost.

Originally from somewhere, Brad now works fulltime at peacekeeping. He, therefore, can't make all the meetings, but he is still one of us.

Interests: motorcycles, travel, marathons.

Jack Nazaroff

Jack is from Brilliant, in the Kootneys. He has retired from 35 years as an RN in various healthcare positions in BC and internationally.

Interests: organic gardening, making rhubard muffins for the Men's Shed.

A real Canadian, Graham has spent most of his life in the military. When our meetings get boring we just ask him to come up with a compelling story of military life.

Interests: GG is on multiple committees, organizations and boards. He likes model trains and discussing life, in all its details.

Originally from around here, Dennis is a retired professional photographer.

Interests: woodworking, photo-related crafts, home-maintenance, garage-doors, heavy-machinery sales.

Ken Karleen

Ken is a Langleyite...a Langler, ...a Langleyee now, but has been living in various Canadian locations. Ken is our $6000 man, with bionics all over, which won't allow him to pass through metal detectors or go near MRI machines.

Interests: old sports cars (a devout '55 Chevy fan)

Rick Jones

Rick has been operating various equipment around Vancouver, including transit buses, for many a year.

Interests: Hunting, shooting, fishing, automotive.

Maurice Blouin

Interests: Woodworking, metalwork, machining, welding, small tool repair, house building, epoxy repair. He is a great addition to our collection of skills.

Joe Scelsa

Joe was born in Foggia, Italy and makes all our pizzas.

Interests: Joe tinkers with magnets, motors and electricity. We now have free power at our shed.

Maurice is a true Canadian from High Prairie, Alberta. He runs his own 'True Blue' metal wire products company...not fully retired yet.

John Leigh

John Limpo

Sven Brunchmann

Originally from Denmark, Sven now spends a little time with the Men's Shed Langley. A real photo is upcoming (as soon as we get his antlers off).

Interests: Woodworking.

From the Philippines, John is our youngest member, so far (or he just looks it).

Interests: Learning woodworking, and anything else.

Originating from the UK, John was into the movement of electrons through wire.

Greg Purgavie

Our newest member...but according to a Google search, he doesn't really exist. We'll have to ask more questions.

Other, ...NOT Men's Shed Photos

Just interesting shots of interest, for our interest and possibly yours.

Should you believe that any of these photos violate your copyright, please contact us with evidence, and we will take action immediately.

*Report Copyright Infringement*



We gather at Ricky's Restaurant East, at 5978 Glover Road, just off the Langley Bypass.

We hope 10:30 AM is not too early for you. Being a restaurant, coffee and/or breakfast is available.


Men's Shed Langley


"Through companionship, respect and sheer humanity, the Men's Shed Langley Society endeavours to create a welcoming space for conversation, friendship and purpose, while quietly reversing isolation, loneliness and depression, by engaging in useful projects... both for ourselves and our community."

Our email:


The Simple, Simple


-A Men's Shed is a group of men who get together, whenever they want, to do whatever they want, for the good of their wellness and/or for a purpose, ……………or just for fun.

The Simple Version

-A Men's Shed is men, first and foremost, …a shed location, some equipment, a purpose, with an underlying thread of defeating isolation and loneliness.

This is a World Wide organization of separate, but interacting Sheds, which help and learn from each other, while doing personal or community projects of all kinds.

The In-depth Version

-Men's Sheds originated from the shed in a backyard scenario, where a man would go and carry out tasks, such as restoring furniture or fixing lawn mowers.

The first men's shed (by that name) was opened in Tongala, Victoria, Australia on July 26, 1998. Currently, the number of Men's Sheds worldwide is approaching 3,000, in 12 countries.

A Men's Shed provides a safe and friendly environment where men can work on meaningful projects. Men work at their own pace, in their own time, in the company of other men. It's a place where you can learn or teach new skills and find new opportunities and interests while making new friends.

A Shed offers men an alternate way to reach out to avoid 'isolation' while giving back to society. The mental wellness aspect cannot be overrated. Men don't tend to discuss their problems or anxieties, but in the context of a project, or if they encounter another with a similar problem, it begins to come out, to an understanding group.

Many men, who don't have any real problems, just revel in the relaxed atmosphere of respect, decency and friendship. Regardless of your politics, religion or race, ...or age (as long as you are 18 or older), we will accept you in to take on a job, teach what you know, learn what you don't, ...or just drop in and hang around and gab over a coffee.

“Contrary to general belief, work comes easier for older people if they are in good health, because they have learned through years of practice how to arrive at a given place by the shortest path.” ~Nokola Tesla

S.O.S.- 'Slower, Older, Smarter' ~Unknown

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened." ~Mark Twain

"My first thought was with the shed, because that's where my adventures really began" ~Steven King

" for the cheap, the lazy and the weak." ~Drarig Yar

Men's Shed Facts

...some interesting,

...others not so much.

The movement originated in Australia around the 1980s as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of older men. Some say it was started by a woman who was frustrated by her retired husband just sitting around the house offering 'suggestions'.

The slogan for men's sheds is "Shoulder To Shoulder", shortened from "Men don't talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder", adopted after the 2008 Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) conference. The users of men's sheds are known as "shedders".

In 2014, Professor Barry Golding coined the term "shedagogy" to describe "a distinctive, new way of acknowledging, describing and addressing the way some men prefer to learn informally in shed-like spaces mainly with other men."

There are over 900 located across Australia, with thousands of active members. Men's Sheds can also be found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Finland, Estonia, New Zealand and Greece. Many other countries have shown a growing interest. The province of B.C., in Canada, has almost 40.

We may seem like we cater to seniors or retirees, but we are open to anyone who identifies as a male, 18 or older.

"Men's sheds have been described as a male-friendly service providing a 'health by stealth' approach". Research acknowledges the positive role that sheds can have in "addressing the gendered health disparity that males face".

October 14th., 2023--Herman, of 'Turf Guys Landscaping' donated a fine assortment of small power tools to our Men's Shed. As we are just getting our woodworking shop section started, this is a welcomed gift and a wonderful showing of support for our 'Shed'. Thanks!

July 31st., 2023--Langley's Men's Shed has found their 'space' to work and grow. Through the kindness of Michael & Susanne Robinson, we have been allowed a huge area with all that a shed needs. Cooperation between us will give us the opportunity to utilize the potential of our space and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of this property.

September 4th., 2023--'Langley's 'Seniors In Action' granted our Langley Men's Shed $500.00. This will truly help our new society. Thanks!

June 26th., 2023--The Men's Shed Langley Society became incorporated in British Columbia.

January 23rd., 2023--The very first Men's Shed meeting in Langley.

March 14th., 2023--Men's Shed Langley received a $1,000.00 grant from the United Way.

December 28th., 2023-- Today, the Langley Senior Resources Society (LSRS) donated to the Men's Shed Langley, all the tools Ray Girard had donated to the LSRS early this year. Since we now have our Shed location, they will greatly enhance our woodworking tool collection. Sincere thanks for thinking of us!

February 3rd., 2024--Today we received a brand new drillpress from Karen Tasker, a fan of the Men's Shed Langley. It is now all assembled and ready to go. Meaningful thanks to Karen.

February 5th., 2024--In a very smart and kind move, David Richards gave our Men's Shed a new First Aid kit for our shed. We will try not to need it.

March 11th., 2024--We had an entertaining and fruitful visit from Marilyn & George Gough, from Kindred Farm. We hope we can help each other out in some future endeavour.

Building Connections,

Building Community

My Personal View

~Ray Girard - President - Men's Shed Langley

Men's Sheds all seem to have a different focus. It depends, of course, on the talents, occupations and hobbies of each individual. So far our Shed seems to have a balance between the usual Woodworking and the newer interest of LASER-cutters/engravers, and 3-D printers. Luckily both can enhance each other. We would also like to create a Repair group who would tackle small appliances, bicycles, electric and non-electric tools, and similar things.

If our combined talents allow, we would attempt repairs in our community of Langley, the Township of Langley, and the surrounding area, ...improving or repairing pre-existing constructs. I could also see us venturing into hobbies like photography, construction techniques, story-telling, gardening, PhotoShop graphics, remote-control flying (drones), and many other areas. Each new person who joins has a world of talents to add to our possibilities. They also have the chance to learn something NEW, which always adds to ones Life. No matter what age we are, we should always move Forward.

I guess the bottom line is that we wish to create an atmosphere of Welcome, ...a group of friends, ...a feeling of usefulness, ...and a place to immediately feel at home in. Join us in the quest. It is truly Worthwhile, and it has the propensity to create Magic.

Contact Us for any reason

Money donations can be made by Cheque or E-Transfer

Cheques written out to:

Men's Shed Langley Society

then mailed to:

Alex Paylor, (our treasurer)

#109 - 5765 Glover Road, Langley, B.C.


V3A 8M8

E-Transfers emailed to:

Tool or Wood donations,

use above email address.

Thank You!

We will show your donation on our website (if you want.)

Donations are critical to Men's Sheds as they help maintain spaces, provide necessary tools and resources, support programming, and ensure the sustainability of these vital community hubs for men's wellness and social connection. Any help is a Great help.

Began February, 2023

Incorporated June 26, 2023

at 5:42PM Pacific Time

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